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You can stake your DFY tokens to earn interest on the DeFi For You platform. Your interest can be claimed at any time.

Who can join this program?

Anyone who has registered an account on DeFi For You and holds DFY tokens in their wallet can join the staking program to earn rewards in interest.

What are the benefits of DFY staking

Staking allows you to earn rewards without the risks of trading. You can lock up your DFY tokens and grow them over time without having to worry about price movements. This is ideal for long term holders who want to grow their share of tokens.

Rewards for staking

It depends on the staking duration:
  • 25% APY for 3 months staking
  • 27% APY for 6 months staking
  • 33% APY for 12 months staking
*APY is calculated on an annual basis.

Are my tokens safe while staking?

Yes. Your tokens are stored in a smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Blockchain technology is among the most secure in the world. DeFi For You has no access to your staked tokens, so no hacker could access your staked tokens even in the event of an advanced attack.

Can I withdraw my token during the period?

You can’t withdraw your tokens during the staking period. You can, however, claim your staking rewards daily without any penalty.
Once the staking period is over, you can claim your token.
Last modified 2yr ago