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P2P lending

How can I loan against physical assets on DeFi For You?

Simply upload a collateral evaluation request and wait for a DeFi For You evaluator to complete your request. If accepted, you’ll be able to send your collateral to the evaluator’s pawnshop to be stored and turned into a ‘Hard NFT’. You can then apply for a loan using the NFT, which represents the underlying physical asset, as collateral.

How can I open a digital pawnshop on DeFi For You?

If you have more than 200,000 DFY tokens, you can register your digital pawnshop to offer fixed loan packages while also taking physical assets represented by Hard NFTs as collateral.

How can I get financial support from DeFi For You for my pawnshop?

If you own more than 1,000,000 DFY tokens, you can receive financial support from DeFi For You, allowing you to issue larger loans than the capital you have on hand. You’ll be able to borrow larger amounts of capital depending on your history and reputation score on the platform.

I’m a pawnbroker, how can I use DeFi For You to expand my client base?

If you’re a registered pawnbroker, you can apply to become an evaluator on DeFi For You. This means you can accept borrowers into your store who wish to value and tokenize physical assets on the platform. Entering into this ecosystem will bring more borrowers through your doors and allow you to give DeFi loans to a whole new generation of smart borrowers.

Are there fees on DeFi For You?

Each transaction on DeFi For You requires a very small transaction fee to finalize the smart contract.

Where are my deposited funds stored?

The funds you deposit on DeFi For You are stored in a smart contract. DeFi For You does not have access to these funds. The smart contract code is public and audited by a third party organization.

What is the DFY token used for?

DFY tokens are used as loan currency and collateral on the DeFi For You platform. It’s also required to open a pawnshop on the platform so lenders can take physical assets as collateral. DFY can also be staked in the platform for rewards.