1.Why should I borrow with my collaterals instead of selling it?

Selling your assets means they are no longer in your ownership so you wont gain any potential rise in the future. By borrowing, you are able to get the liquidity (working capital) without having to sell your assets. Borrowing mostly happens when we have unexpected expenses, take advantage of their asset value holding or for any new investment opportunities.

2. How do I borrow?

Firstly, you simply pledge your assets (any of our supported cryptocurrencies or NFTs) as collateral, and in return, Lenders will send you loan offers matching your conditions. Alternatively, you can search for loan packages and send Lenders your collateral. Your deposited money accounts will be used as collateral for the loan amount (The value of your collateral will vary by the fair market value.)

3. How much can I borrow?

The loan amount you can borrow depends on the collateral value and Loan to Value (LTV) rate Lenders decide. Given that your collateral value is 100 USD, the LTV rate is 80%, this means the loan amount can only be 80%. For more information about the LTV and LTV liquidation threshold, you can read more in Liquidate section in Risk Parameters.

4. What cryptocurrencies can I use as collateral?

Defi for You supports 35 cryptocurrencies as collateral. They are: BNB, ETC, ZEC, XRP, LTC, MKR, BAT, BTC, ETH, DFY, USDT, FIL, IOTX, PAX, ONT, SNX, SXP, BAND, DOT, BEL, ELF, TCT, LINK, ADA, EOS, BCH, INJ, UNI, NEAR , ATOM, COMP, YFI, YFII, XTZ, WBNB

5. Can I withdraw my collaterals?

Yes, you can withdraw your collateral to your e-wallet when there is no contract associated with the collateral. If there are any contracts associated with the collateral, it is impossible to withdraw until you repay the unpaid penalty/interest/loan to terminate the contract.

6. How to create a collateral? (A step-by- step guide)

Step1: Connect wallet and click [My Account]
Step 2: Connect wallet and click [Collateral] - [New Collateral]
Step 3: Complete the collateral creation form below
Step 4: After completing the form and confirming on wallet extension or D-app successfully, your collateral is created and locked. Your newly created collateral can be found by anyone in the Defi For You platform.

7. How to send my collateral to Pawnshop or Personal Lender (A step-by-step guide)

Step1: In Borrow tab, then enter some general information and click on [Search]
  • Click [Request loan] to send your collateral to Personal lender
  • Click [View detail] to send your collateral to Pawnshop after select a desired loan package
Step 3: Provide all required information in the loan request form below.
Case 1: Send collateral loan request to Personal lender:
Case 2: Send collateral loan request to Pawnshop:
Step 4: After completing the form and confirming on wallet extension or D-app successfully, your collateral is created and locked for further processing.
Pawnshop or Personal Lender will receive your collateral and make decision later on. In addition, your collateral is visible to every on in Defi For You platform.
Personal lender view - list of loan requests (collaterals)
Pawnshop view - a list of loan requests (collaterals) by loan package
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